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Environmental policy

Weidemile Electronic realizes the importance of protecting environment & resources, treat it as our responsibility & obligation to the society and consciously meet products environmental indexes.To this end, we have formulated following environmental strategic guidelines:

1,To meet customers' demands and obey national and local laws, regulations and other environmental protection requirements.

2,Environmental protection is the criterion of sustainable development of our company. Insist on fully developing quality, benefit and environmental protection.

3,Fully considering all factors which will influence the environment in the processes of product development,manufacturing, material usage and waste disposal, we established waste management system to improve the environment of our company.

4, In order to fully improve employees' consciousness of environmental protection, we take training to realize the continuous improvement of environment management system and the ability of environmental protection.

5,Make full use of resources and decrease material consumption to save energy.

6,Promise to our partners and society that we will make contribution to environmental protection. Positively response to the slogan, “We have only one earth.”

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