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Our Adavantages

Professional R&D center

Advanced mold processing and product

testing equipment, to provide

customers with reliable products, to

ensure that every product special


Cixi Weidemile Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd


Cixi Weidemile Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

 Customers’ trust and satisfaction are our greatest achievements and honor.

Weidemile Electronic has a professional technical team to offer customers technical supports in the

development phases. Whether it is a design advice of initial design phase or solutions of product application experimental stage, all engineers will provide timely and professional services and advice.


Along with the progress of the times, the rapid development of science and technology, the rapid rise of intelligent industry home and abroad, we grasp the opportunity and establish a perfect sales network. Strengthen communication with customers at product design stage, shorten the product development cycle, provide timely service, meet customers’ requirements. Multilingual technical support platform, the global localization service is our aim, it is also the prerequisite and guarantee of providing customers with good service.


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